Thursday, October 29, 2009

Im sitting here watching the news and I realized something. The people who are broadcasting the news must be phili's fans. The are interveiwing all kinds of baseball fans and praising the phili's and bashing the yankees. They even showed a video clip of a steam roller rolling over pictures of all the yankees with their jerseys and apples. I'm guessing the apples are for new york, the big apple. But still. The news is supposed to have an unbiased point of veiw. They are constantly rubbing in the fact that last nights game was almost a sweep. And who does this guy think he is? Pedro claimed the he is the greatest influential player that ever stepped foot into yankees stadium? The mets got rid of him. The METS! LOL. They just finished a segment call "The top five things I hate about Yankees Stadium." What is with this new broadcast? One was the yankees logo on the sweet 'n low. Another was the fact that they had a philly cheesesteak stand in the stadium. Another was that when you sit down at the hard rock cafe, you have 70 minutes to order, eat, drink, and get out. The news reporter is acting like hes having a terrible time. Who wouldnt want to be a news reporter in Yankees stadium right now?

Considering that Delval is so close to Philadelphia, there are a suprising number of yankees fans. This is really nice considering I am a yankees fan. I do enjoy watching the extreme fans get into arguments in the pub though. Now when I say I am a yankees fan, I mean ill watch a game or 2. I was kinda just born into being one because I grew up in New Jersey. I would not concider myself a diehard fan. I think I have only ever been to 1 yankees game before in my life. And that was because we got tickets from somewhere. I actually sat 2 rows behind the yankees dugout. In the first inning, the third out was a fly ball to right field. As the right fielder ran into the dugout, he throw the ball into the bleachers and I caught it. I still have it stored away somewhere with my ticket to that game. Hopefully it will be worth something one day.

Well its getting closer to game time and I have other things I need to do so I can relax and watch the game without any interuptions. I also have to make dinner cause I am getting pretty hungry. The general consensus is that the philis are going to kick ass again tonight. However, thats according to everyone the news reporters just interviewed. They were probably going around asking people if they were phillys fans and if they werent, they wouldnt interview them... Anyway. Go Yankees!

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