Sunday, December 6, 2009

Count down begins

Theres one more week of classes then finals. The count down for the final projects and last classes and tests have begun. Thanksgiving break was just a little tease of the freedom of school that I will experience during christmas break. Unfortunately i have a feeling that break is going to go by sooo fast this year. My last final is on Wednesday but I have to work on Thursday so I am not going to get home until Friday the 18th. I will spend the whole first part of my break relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Every year for christmas, my family goes and cuts down a christmas tree. Unfortunately I am getting home to late to go cut it down but I am going to be there to help decorate it. That always gets me in the christmas spirit. Once christmas is over, the fun part of my break comes. For new years eve, I am going to atlantic city to see OAR play a special new years eve concert. Its going to be a blast. Then the day we get back, I am getting on a bus to maine for a week long snowboarding trip with some friends. When I get back, I will only have 3 more days before returning to the good old delval. Its going to be an epic christmas break.