Thursday, November 19, 2009

hello my friend!

Weekend! You are finally here! Yes, I consider Thursday to be the weekend since I dont have class on Fridays. I had a really long week. It started with an Intro to Fine arts exam from hell. The professor expects us to be art and music experts from this intro class and remember the names and artists of over 15 art works and over 6 music peices and be able to analytically break them down. Why is this a required gen ed class??? This is making my appreciation of the fine arts fall really fast. 100% of my free time between monday and today was spent studying for a human phys test that I had this morning. It was on muscles, heart, blood pressure, and respiration. I had no idea exactly how complicated the human body functions were but now I do lol.

I cant beleive that there is only 2 and a half weeks left of the semester. Where did it go? It went by so fast. This happens every semester. We get near the end and it finally hits us how fast it actually went by. Somehow it surprises me every time.

So this Tuesday, I have a botany exam. The problem is, we still havent recieved our grades from the last exam we took. Ive been dying to know my grade and I check blackboard everyday. Im really hoping that he posts the grades before the test...

Im looking back at this post and reading it. My mind seems to be jumping around like crazy. Looks like I have already shut off the concentration switch. Have a great thanksgiving break everyone!

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